Chegg offer textbook sale and rental services, predominantly to students, as well as test prep services, online tutoring and study services. Chegg are a competent company that can supply textbooks and services in a reliable and timely manner, offering a professional approach with an easy to use website.

Services Available

Both eTextbooks and hard copies can be rented through Chegg for periods of either 90, 120 or 180 days. There is also the option to buy electronic versions of textbooks that won’t expire. Terms of rental are very user friendly and easy to understand, yet we found that there was a slight problem only being able to rent physical books for either a semester or a quarter long period. One of the great things that Chegg can offer is the ability to buy a permanent eTextbook – this option is often not available on a lot of other websites. Chegg make things super easy with an online app that is available for Mac, Android, iOS and PC.

If you’re waiting for the textbook to arrive, one great thing is that Chegg will let you read an eTextbook while you’re waiting for the physical copy. It is clear that chegg review student concerns with these sorts of options as students often can’t afford to spend their time waiting for textbooks to arrive – they need to be reading right away. As part of the service, if you order over $50 in books, Chegg can ship your textbooks for free, so if you’re a student it’s best to bulk order and take advantage of this generous offer.

In terms of the student help and tutoring services, you can order a chegg tutor to help you advance in a wider range of different subjects, from astronomy to French – there is an impressive range of help on offer for chegg study. Chegg will source you a tutor based on your study needs, whether they be learning a specific concept that you can’t get your head around or to answer various study questions that you don’t know the answers to. All of the online help will be presented via interactive virtual learning online with a whiteboard and a webcam, so it is quite similar to an ordinary one on one tutoring experience. We were impressed that the support can be fit around whatever schedule you have, even if you want to study at 3am – tutoring help is available 24/7 and if you’re unsatisfied at any time, Chegg say that you can ask for your money back. It’s a great way of assuring quality of the service at hand.


We took a comprehensive assessment of price points and our chegg review concluded that the prices on offer are not too dear when compared to a lot of other similar websites in competition. As an example, if you apply for a half hour lesson with a chegg tutor, the rate is $15 and then increases at a decreasing rate based on the amount of hours of tutoring you wish to have. This base rate seems a fair price for what’s on offer, considering its personalized tuition rather than a group based lesson. With regard to rental of textbooks, Chegg claim that you can save around 90% of the textbook value through their service than if you were to purchase the same textbook yourself. It is clear that chegg study the market to offer the best rates out there which is great for students as a lot of student textbooks are highly expensive.

Special Offers

One offer that Chegg make is that you can opt for a free trial before you decide to make a purchase. This is a good deal as a lot of other tutoring and textbook lending websites won’t offer this. If you’re a student on a tight budget, why would you risk spending your cash when you’re already on a tight budget to get a service that may or may not work for you? Is chegg safe to use? Of course, and you can find out the service for yourself with this offer.

Quality of Service

As a test of the service, we placed an order for rental of a hard copy textbook and were impressed that it came on time and in a special box that was sturdy enough to be used to make a send back without damaging it superficially. It was also a nice touch that Chegg put a small free amount of laundry detergent with our order, highlighting their commitment to students and this market. When asking a question “is chegg legit”, the answer we can say with certainty is, “yes”.

If you’re a student that still wants to hold on to your textbook for a little longer, Chegg provide the ability to extend your rental by 30 days if needs be. Moreover, you can keep applying and paying for extensions even after this period if you wish. This part of the service makes it perfect for the student market as assignments are often an ongoing process for students that require editing after professors or other classmates have made suggestions. The extension process is highly user friendly and easy to use, so it’s a simple process.

In order to complete a chegg tutors review we made a payment for a 30 minute tutoring slot for help with a math problem. It is clear that chegg tutoring reviews all your queries and concerns to pick the best time slot and tutor for you. We asked to make amendments to our scheduled time on several occasions and we were pleased to see that chegg tutors review your claims and the tutors were always willing to make a change to the scheduled time as we saw fit. We already knew the answers to the problem, so we could test the tutor and luckily the tutor conducted the lesson in a prompt and professional manner, responding to the problem and explaining it with ease, using the interactive whiteboard to facilitate diagrams to aid in understanding. Our test run of the service revealed that the tutors are highly competent and able to deliver what we wanted, though to get a better idea we decided to look at other chegg tutoring reviews online on a lot of blogs, review sites and even through talking to previous customers. We found that the vast majority of opinions about the service were positive and so we can suggest that when considering “is chegg legit?” or “is chegg safe?”, we can conclude the answers to these questions to be “yes”.

Customer Support

Is chegg safe in terms of its customer support? We found that the customer support on offer was good but not full proof in the way that it was not on offer 24/7. This would make it slightly problematic for students in countries whose times for normal learning does not equate to Chegg’s working hours, however the customer service itself was swift and prompt, with queries and concerns answered to a good degree of professionalism. There is a phone number you can call and an online chat service, both only available during office hours.


In conclusion we can suggest Chegg to be a reliable provider of textbooks with an easy to use and student centered approach. The extension scheme really makes things simple and easy and the prices for rentals are very cheap in terms of what else is available in this market. Chegg tutoring is of a good standard and the interactive one on one service is of a professional level. We could recommend Chegg tutoring to any students that need help with their studies.

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