Essay tigers is an online essay writer service that was founded by a couple of past college students and it keeps its focus on the student market. Through this website one can purchase essays to be written from scratch or you can also purchase pre-written essays. Essay tigers have a series of tutors that can help write essays for you.

Services Available

Browse the website for five minutes and you can see that essaytiger pull out all the stops for students, although the site also offers services that cater towards academics and professionals. The website will write pretty much any kind of essay for you, from essays on science to essays on astrology – any subjects you choose are up there for essay tiger to write.

The great thing about Essaytigers com is that each essay is guaranteed to offer 100% original content with no chance of plagiarism. The website also boasts the use of the most cutting edge encryption and security services so that your content is safe from external hackers – more often than not unfortunately people can steal your content from these sites or it can be passed on to third parties, so it’s good to see this won’t happen here. If you want citations and work to be cited within your essay, this can also be carried out to a professional standard, using all the standard academic referencing systems, e.g. the Harvard or Chigago referencing style. All of the information that will be included in your text is offered to be fully accurate, so unlike a lot of other essay sites, nothing will be copy and pasted from the net.

If you have a specific style in mind, essay tiger will be able to deliver this to you with ease, you simply just provide snippets of work you have and the online tutors will emulate the style from these snippets with accuracy. This feature ensures a highly personalized service and a highly individual outlook to each piece of work, making it stand out amongst many other essay writing companies out there. With every order you make, 24/7 support is available – good for those students that have a lot on their plate or who live all over the world in different time zones. Unlimited free revisions of your assignment also guarantee a certain competency of output.


In conducting an essay tigers review of price points, the market is rather competitive and offers a level of service that is both not too dear and affordable for students. As a base rate, you can pay $10 for an undergraduate level assignment with a two week turnaround. If you’re looking to upgrade this to a professional level assignment, you can pay essay tiger just $19 a page. Both of these base rates seem fairly reasonable considering the levels at stake. On offer is also a well-priced essaytigers proofreading service, prices ranging between $6 and $11 based on level of writing.

Special Offers

Essaytiger offer a variety of special offers to entice new customers and reward paying ones. As a goodwill gesture, essay tiger will give you 10% off your next paid essay when you place an order. If you’re a student who is struggling with their finances, this could be a great way to help soften the blow to the bank. Other offers are available yet don’t tie in as well with the student market, for instance 10% off if you place an order of over $1000 or 5% for orders over $500. It is highly unlikely that a student will be able to afford spending this amount of money on essays alone, so these discounts aren’t very intuitive or appropriate for the student market, although they may fare well for professional clients. If you search online on coupon websites or carry out a quick internet search, you’ll find other essay tiger discount code options at your disposal, for instance 5-10% off, so it’s worth a quick look if you want to make the most of the essay tiger discount code offers available.

Quality of Service

For a way of conducting the best essay tigers review we decided to test the service for ourselves. We placed a short order for an essay tiger undergraduate paper of just one page on the subject of Economics to be completed within two weeks. We were pleased to see that the paper was delivered on time and was executed as per what the brief outlined. The essay also made use of appropriate style in terms of correct Harvard referencing, although some of the phrasing was a little dry. However, we did contact the writer who was able to amend the style with ease. In terms of grammar and spelling, the text was clean and no discernable errors were there. There was also a good degree of accuracy, with all the information included in the text fact checked to pass our test with flying colours. Our only qualms with the text was that there could have been better citations of more credible sources to back up the claims made in the paper.

In order to see what others out there thought, we carried out an assessment of essay tiger reviews online by taking a look on blogs, forums, essay writing review sites and we even talked with some previous customers to see what the general consensus was about the service. Our results concluded that customers were generally satisfied with the service available, with an estimated 80% of the sample we surveyed expressing contentment with their essays. We did find some problems that people had with business level pieces that came out a little different to the style of business that these customers were used to, but with unlimited revisions these concerns were usually met.

Customer Support

One key positive attribute of essaytigers is their level of customer support on offer. Unlike other essay writing sites whose customer support options only operate during certain office hours, essay tigers offer a 24/7 customer support service which is ideal for students that live in all sorts of different countries with different time zones. Support is available through the usual channels, i.e. email and phone, but also through Skype and online chat too. It’s great to see that there is a toll free number that you can call, making it cheap for students that lack sufficient cash to be paying for expensive calls.


In conclusion, the essaytigers com service is reliable and delivers what is asked. We found that the content delivered to us was of a good standard and professionally created, including accurate information and no plagiarism. Style of the work was adequate and met the needs of our brief and there were no basic errors in terms of grammar or spelling. Other essay tigers reviews online seemed to corroborate our claims and many people express a sincere desire to use the service again. When taking into account all aspects of the service, we can conclude that essay tigers is a service that would work best for students that may or may not have a lot of money. It is a good price for a good service.

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