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With parents always looking for ways to help their kids keep up with the fast pace of education, protect them from bullying at school or challenge them more than they are right now, they often consider homeschooling their best option. They see it as an excellent opportunity to meet their children’s needs without pushing too much pressure on them in the process.

Moreover, families that often relocate opt for homeschooling to prevent their kids from all the stress related to finding a new school and getting used to everything a new environment can bring. Finally, homeschooling is a great option for families with special needs kids whose parents do not want to push their loved ones to keep up with the set pace or overly complicated duties.

And even though there are thousands of available options for homeschooling parents out there, we highly recommend the services of Time4Learning.

Wondering why we suggest their services? Read on to find out from our time4learning review.


This is our number one reason why homeschooling parents should indeed opt for this service. According to numerous time4learning reviews and testimonials, quality is their signature line. To make sure it is so, take a look at their website. All the knowledge base for parents and their kids is well-structured and organized.

One can easily navigate between the curriculum folders seeking for information related to a particular grade, or search for lesson plans for various subjects, or even take advantage of useful tools and resources.

Besides, according to the testimonials of happy parents, this service is so simple to use that parents can feel much more relaxed when teaching. They offer at least 3.500 lessons on Science, Maths, Languages, and Social Studies. Additionally, you can enjoy their free printables for your lessons and art classes.


The cost of such education is also quite affordable. It is calculated per student per month. And the cost of education also depends on whether a child goes to High, Middle or Elementary School.

In case you are a parent of a High School student, services of time 4 learning will cost you around $30 per month. The cost of the service is slightly cheaper for younger kids. If you are a parent of a homeschooler that goes to up to the eighth grade, it will cost you around $19.95 per month for one student and $14.95 for every next student you add.

This team also offers a 14-days money back guarantee in case you did not like their services, so you can at least try and see what they have to offer.

The best part about this service, apart from its quality, is its flexibility. Thus, a user can pause, stop, or cancel his subscription anytime. So, if you are out of town, and you do not want to be paying for services you are not using at the moment, you can contact the Customer Support Service on their website and ask them to pause the membership for some time.

Customer Service

Time for learning team truly treasures their customer. That is why they hired an exceptional team of Customer Support Representatives ready to answer your questions anytime. For the improved convenience of their customers, they offer their members to either contact them by phone in case of an emergency, send them an e-mail or contact them in chat. They are really there for you via all the available channels.


What exactly do they offer? We have decided to clarify this question in our time4learning.com review to make sure our readers understand what options they have with this company.

This team has developed a system that allows parents and their children get access to a full year’s curriculum having just their laptop and an Internet connection at their disposal. No need to attend classes, or go anywhere to earn grades. It is all available right there from the comfort of your home. As you see, this service is very simple to use and quite flexible.

The program students get access to is safe and secure. You can be sure that even though they need an Internet connection to access their lessons, they will see no abusive ads or annoying popups. It is a completely safe ad-free studying environment for your kids.

To make lives of hundreds of parents easier, the system also has a sweet benefit: detailed grading and advanced reports. Anytime you want to get a report on your kid’s progress, just go into the system, open the Parent Administration page and pull out any reports or statistics you need. It is all stored there in one place for your convenience.

Every assignment your child completes is graded too. The grades for each text are also stored on that same page. So, if you want to keep track of his progress take the most out of their reporting and grading systems.


We know that the competition in this niche is fierce with new software being developed all the time and new systems being organized every day.

However, we are sure that Time 4 Learning will remain on top of this competition given their numerous advantages. Wondering which advantages we are talking about here? Here they are!

Time for learning has a long history in this industry. And thanks to their experience and expertise, they have won numerous awards. These awards include iParenting Media Award, Top 100 Educational websites (2017), The national Parental Center (Seal of Approval), and the Certified Autism Resource. This international recognition really adds value to their credibility.

Extracurricular activities.
They do not only offer great resources for quality homeschooling, but also help parents looking for summer learning opportunities, After-school / skill building, roadschooling, education in the family of the military servants, unschooling, and homeschooling for kids with special needs. Besides, there is a special program for gifted kids who need more challenges in their daily studying routine than they have right now.

Educational tools for parents.
Parents who do not feel confident enough about their teaching capacities can take advantage of the tools Time for Learning offer on their website. These include Lesson Planner, Teaching Style Guide, Homeschooling Guide, and even a forum for parents to communicate. It feels like they have got it all covered.

Demo lessons.
If you are still not sure whether you can trust this service or not, worry no more: these guys have prepared individual Demo lessons or you to check out before paying for your first month with them. Watch the videos with your kids to see whether he likes them or not and make your final decision based on what you see. We promise you will love the videos! They are interactive and interesting with different approaches depending on the age of the target audience.

We hope this review was helpful. It might not cover all the basics, but you can always visit their website or contact their Customer Support should you have more questions. Good luck!

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