Homework Market Review: The Pros and Cons of Using This Site

When you check out Homework market reviews, you will find a website that offers students access to tutors. Subjects such as mathematics, management, history, finance law and loads of others are catered for here. The website is simple and easy to use with guidelines on how to navigate through.

The first step is registering and confirming your account. Then, you post a specific question, essay or full assignment and wait for a tutor to send you a preview. The price is attached to the preview, and if you like the work you pay the tutor, and they send you the whole assignment. The cost, though, varies with the tutor and how complicated your task is.

As a tutor, you create a profile indicating the subjects that you qualify for plus your academic background. There is a chat icon that allows you to chat with students and other tutors either in a group or privately. It also notifies you when a client uploads new assignments. When you see a task that interests you, you send a handshake message to the client. You will then negotiate with them on price and deadline. The student will then deposit a down payment, and you can begin working. After completion, the client sends the rest of your money into your www homeworkmarket com account.

According to their terms and regulations, the company will hold your payment for 45 days. This policy is to ensure that the student is satisfied with your work. After this period, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account. However, if a tutor earns more than $5,000 they can access the funds within 14 days. Also, if a different student purchases the same answer or assignment you did, you get paid again. Homework market requires its tutors to have a level of academic qualifications. It lacks, however, measures that curb scammers from registering with fake credentials.


There are no set prices on homeworkmarket.com. Once you post a question, you are the one who will choose which answer to pick. Each tutor will give you a different price. You choose according to your budget. The websites only task is to connect you with tutors and they add a $0.20 handling fee on top of your payment.

There are huge differences in pricing from different professionals; you need to choose one that is logical. There is also information on pricing on the website to give a client an idea of what they may pay. There are no discounts offered by www.homeworkmarket.com, it depends on what the tutor is willing to work for. The tutor will only receive 20% of the amount you pay as the website takes 20%. If you are a tutor with the site, withdrawing to PayPal will incur a $1 fee regardless of the amount. If you are on Payoneer, the full price list is shown to you when you’re registering. Any charges are deducted from your Payoneer account.

If you are a teacher and you get a dispute and fail to settle it within 3 days, a 5% fee is charged. For disputes extending 6 days or more a tutor will be charged 10%. The company accepts the following modes of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards, among other acceptable modes of payment

Home Work Market Quality of Services

Some of the services offered at home work market include:

  • Essay writing
  • Single question answers
  • Research
  • Report writing
  • Proofreading

When you check any homework market review, you will find varying statements from clients, both positive and negative. This is expected as the site accepts tutors from across the globe. Some of them have fake academic qualifications as they seek to make a quick buck. Eventually, they end up doing a shoddy job leaving behind a disgruntled student. This paints a bad picture of the company and there are measures to guard against such.

If a tutor receives numerous disputes, their account is blocked and they cannot access funds in their accounts. Another issue is the layout of the website. Although it’s easy to navigate, its appearance is not up to par leaving many prospective clients apprehensive about seeking services from it. Also, a client may log in to seek an answer to only one question but ends up being harassed by tutors to subscribe to other services that they offer. This is frustrating.

If you’re not careful, you will assign work to an unqualified tutor who will either give you plagiarized work or not complete the task altogether. One is advised to check a tutors ratings and the preview before a purchase. Also, there are a lot of scammers who ask for payment first but will not do the task. However, there are tutors who have received glowing reviews from clients who appreciate their work.

All in all, a considerable number of assignments are consistent with the agreement. Also, the modes of payment are secure as the website has put in place mechanisms to protect both its clients and writers. Anonymity is also upheld by the company assuring customers that their professors or teachers won’t find out. The company, however, needs to put in place mechanisms to vet their writers to avoid tutors who bring its image down.

Benefits of Homework Market

Many tutors are offering a wide range of services making www homework com market a one-stop shop for students. The pricing is also friendly to students considering that most survive on pocket money and allowances. Also, if you have a dispute, you can lodge even after a couple of days. The policy of withholding payment allows you to get quality service for money. There are also reviews and academic qualifications on the bio of the tutors allowing one to select the most qualified from the pool.

The website is running 24/7 to ensure that if you have an urgent assignment, you will find a tutor ready to do it in your timeframe. You cannot contact the site directly, but if you are a registered user, you will receive assistance directly. It also accepts writers across the globe offering employment to thousands of qualified persons.

Homework Market Review Conclusion

Homeworkwriters.com has both excellent and unprofessional writers. It has issues faced by similar sites online. It is possible to find reliable work from the website if you can spot a capable tutor. A drawback for tutors is that the company tends to side with the student if a dispute arises. It will not matter if you are right, the website will restrict payment to your account. Some students exploit this policy to get refunds even if the assignment they received was accurate.

If you are a new client, look for tutors with a reputation for delivering quality work and positive reviews. If you are overwhelmed by assignments, homeworkmarket.com is a decent site to look for a tutor. Also, pop up ads by tutors advertising their services are beneficial to a student who has no bearing where to start. For one who only needs simple assistance, they find them irritating.

When you choose homeworkmarket.com, we conclude your chances of getting a reliable tutor to be 50/50.

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