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About polish my writing

Often are the times that we need someone to edit our work. Every writer needs an editor who is detail oriented to avoid grammatical mistakes. It is what polishmywriting does. It is an online service that offers free proofreading services with a separate module in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin. It is accessible to performing proofreading as soon as it is activated. Polish my writing checks grammatical mistakes, typos and for your writing style offers suggestions. If you would like to explore different writing styles and writing programs, this is the site for you. It uses different colors to highlight different recommendations and mistakes. This way, one can easily differentiate the errors. Red indicates spelling mistakes; green is meant to suggest grammar and blue suggests different styles.

There are three primary tools that polishmywriting.com uses which are incredibly beneficial. They are in the form of advanced style checker, contextual spell checking and intelligent grammar checker. The process of using this service is quite simple; all you have to do is paste your material in the dialog box at polish my writing then press check writing and you will get the review on your text. For those who seek anonymity, they are in luck as they do not take any personal information. The concept of the website stands to benefit not only students but writers as well and many others. The general outlook of the site is somewhat bland though, and the design lacks the usual eye candy.

Where is polishmywriting.com Available?

You can find polish my writing as your proofreader on WordPress.com, and as a plugin option for; the IntenseDebate comment system, bbPress forums and self-hosted WordPress blogs. It serves as an extension for; Google Chrome web browser and OpenOfficeorg Writer. It is also available as an add-on for the Firefox web browser and other browsers as a bookmarklet.

Callback Functions Used at polish my writing

It is always advisable to have a clue of how callback functions of a given tool work. For this website, the functions used include the:

  • Edit Selection Function – When set, an edit selection menu item will appear. After clicking this menu item, a user will be prompted for an alternative suggestion.
  • Explain Function – When set, polishmywriting.com will show an explain menu item for all the errors that have an explanation.
  • Error Function – This function is set where an error has occurred that prevents the document to get checked.
  • Ignore Function – When set, the menu item will show always ignore which will ignore an error permanently. You are the one who will decide whether or not to store the word when the ignore function is called.
  • Ready Function – After the request to polish my writing is complete, that is when this function is called.
  • Success Function – When this function is called, it will mean that the entire document has been checked successfully and all the errors have either been corrected or ignored.
  • Pros and Cons of polishmywriting

    There have been many conflicting polish my writing com reviews. There are those who see it as a life-changing tool, but there are those who disagree. So what are the some of the pros and cons of polish my writing?


  • We will start with the obvious one; it is free!
  • Supports other languages including German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible downloads for the main site
  • Cons

  • You have to be online
  • There is no testimonials section
  • Does not have a visual appeal
  • Does not support every platform
  • Customer Support at polish my writing

    Are you experiencing some challenges using the website? Do you have a query that needs attention? Well, unfortunately, you will have to be patient. The site does not have a customer service team nor can you write emails to follow up. It appears as though they have a Facebook page, but even as we were winding up on this polishmywriting.com review, we still could not find it. We’re not sure if they have disabled it intentionally or not. The most that you can expect from the site is to fill in an online application form then wait for a reply from the developers. On this again, we cannot ascertain how long it will take them to get back to you. But we can agree that it is fair enough for the services that we receive are free. There is only so much that polishmywriting can offer.


    You will find that a majority of grammar checking applications found online have a subscription fee which can either be monthly or yearly for you to unlock their full power. It is not the case with this website. As previously mentioned, polish my writing offers its features for free. You are free to use the website version, or you can download their plugins which you can obtain from the site. Not only are the services free but for those who are using it for business purposes, they also offer you a step by step guidelines on how easy it is to open up and utilize the server.


    For a spell checker, it is indeed a useful tool. Just make sure to use it on platforms that don’t come with a spell checker program built in. The ability to just visit their site and utilize its features is quite a useful aspect. When using polishmywriting, you will not only get to correct your mistakes, but you will also have a chance to figure out why it was a mistake in the first place. The best part of using this website is that WordPress.com has now implemented it and there are now loads of words it can use to help improve the numerous contextual and algorithms analysis. It will then mean that the service will continue to get better. We therefore highly recommend the use of polish my writing!

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