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Looking at Melda Research solutions, they have been helping people with content creation ever since 2014. Their website sports a variety of services, from custom essay writing to research papers, theses and dissertations.

Services On Offer review all your essay writing concerns with a client based focus in mind. It’s easy to make a submission and place orders for delivery based on your schedule. A turnaround time is pretty flexible and they won’t take longer than 30 days. It’s clear from the Melda Research solutions statement on their homepage that they certainly go above and beyond in their service offers. There are a vast array of different services to choose from. If you’re in high school, you can make a proposal for a custom essay or term paper. If you’re a much more experienced intellectual, Melda Research will even write a thesis or PhD.

The choice that a visitor has to choose products depending on the academic level puts the customer at ease, because it is clear that Melda Research papers are written by professionals in their game. The Melda Research place order page allows you to even choose between different styles of English, allowing for further tailoring of your chosen assignment or paper. For example, if you’d like your paper to be written for the American audience, you can select “American English” at the checkout page. Similarly, you can also choose British English before Melda Research paper orders are placed.

By glancing around the site, you can tell that your content is going to be of high quality thanks to one of the intuitive features at the Melda Research place order page which allows you to choose the types of writer that will work on your essay. For instance, you can select that your work will be written by one of the top ten writers at the service so that Melda Research orders new writers according to this. We investigated and the price for this feature was fairly reasonable, so it’s comforting to see that you’re able to pay a little more for a premium service. Towards the end of the checkout process at the Melda Research place order page, you can create a Melda Research account in a very quick time and have your essay processed swiftly. Melda Research log you in and you can even provide a number of different supporting pieces of information, such as additional word documents or pictures, to help guide the writer in producing your content.

We would have liked to see a quality control department that could make sure that every Melda Research paper is screened and proofread as to ensure the utmost standards of quality. Maybe such a department exists, but it is not so clear from their website. However, with unlimited amendments to be made on request, you can voice your concerns and make tweaks as much as you like to suit your expectations.

It is possible that as part of the service you’re able to call the Melda Research contact number to bring any queries that you may have to attention. We found their customer service department to be adequate with our requests. However, it would have been a lit better if Melda Research tollfree numbers could be included as this would be a lot cheaper for customers all over the world. It could be an improvement if the Melda Research contact number was tollfree so that it could reflect the needs of their global clients, since the website states that it is a global business serving writing needs all over the world. A Melda Research tollfree is a small feature that could have improved the service.

Trust and Reliability

Melda Research review your needs and guarantee that they’ll provide you with 100% originality on their papers, which is great if you’re a little apprehensive.

Searching the internet, we amalgamated other Melda Research review posts from a variety of blogs and customer orientated feedback sites. A lot of Melda Research account holders expressed a large deal of satisfaction, with speedy turnarounds and an adequate delivery of content on time. We didn’t find many Melda Research review posts that expressed a severe concern about the reliability of their service.

Payment can reliably be made on the checkout page in a series of ways, such as Paypal, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and American Express. It’s safe to say Melda Research log your card details or various other payments in a reliable manner. review websites online have not prompted any concerns about reliability of payment.

Writing Standards

From the content that we ordered, our Melda Research paper was written to a high standard and we saw no faults in it. This is unsurprising given the business model boasted on their website which claims that Melda Research uk hire the best and highest professional writers. From our search of reviews online, people have generally been satisfied with the content they’ve been given, with scores between seven and ten out of ten on the whole. It would have been nicer to see a greater array of sample work online, as there is only a certain number of levels to browse from, but if you go online you can see for yourself that the level of expertise is to be seen in the samples.

Prices and Offers

Prices are worked out with depending on Melda Research papers quality that you’re paying for. If you’re looking at paying for your top ten writers, this will cost an additional $2.95 per page, but otherwise you can tweak the price based on urgency and a wide range of features, all available on the Melda research place order page. For a 30 day turnaround of a high school paper with one page, you’ll pay $9.95, which is a very reasonable rate. Rates slightly vary for different levels but overall the prices are decently priced. You can also ge a 25% discount if you pay above $50, offering a great saving.

A comprehensive outlook of Melda Research review articles seemed to indicate reasonably priced articles that people were content with. With a large amount of scope to tailor the price yourself based on the details of your paper, you can be sure that you won’t be paying too much and affordable options are available to you if you can persevere with a slightly longer turnaround time.


In conclusion, our review suggests that this website offer reasonable prices for good services. It would also be a good fit for you if you’re on a budget because of the wide range of prices you can pay based on turnaround times. With a site that can offer unique and original papers in as little as six hours, we’d recommend that they could do well for you and your writing needs.

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