The Best Essay Typer Review

Essay writing has become a thriving industry more so in the US. With daily pop-ups of new essay writing sites, students have become dependent on these websites to get their assignments done. This is a huge gamble they have to take because even the great websites are not perfect. Some may delay your work while others may offer you an assignment full of plagiarism. This can be dangerous as it can get you suspended and in other instances expelled from school. On other occasions, you can have your task delivered on time, plagiarism free but an entirely different topic from your assignments. This can leave you stranded and wishing you had completed it by yourself.

This leaves many skeptical of soliciting these services as much as they may have little to no time to do their papers.

Essay Typer Review: Introduction

Essay typer .com focuses on helping students to write their essays in a short period. This way, the student has complete control over what goes in their paper. If there are any terrible decisions incurred, you will have no one else to blame but yourself. Essay typer cannot be fully categorized as an essay writing service but more like a tool guide that offers you unlimited suggestions and ideas on a specific subject. It is a cure for writer’s block which happens to most of us when writing over an extended period. A question that clients ask is, is essay typer legit? It can be considered so since straight from their homepage; they warn you not to use their content wholly as it is full of plagiarism. Also, there are no restrictions against using such services in many learning institutions.

How to Use Essay Typer

This is how to use essay typer; The site does not offer you 100% genuine content. So, before you start using it, it is also important to note that easy essay typer uses a patent of keywords and Wikipedia to help you write your essay fast. The search results that pop up are from unlimited engines all with the keywords that you have used. These words are very critical as the results are dependent on them, choose carefully. The results appear in a matter of minutes.

The site then does all the necessary structuring of your paper including formatting for you. This is helpful because you will get to save a lot of time. The sad truth is that not everybody is good at online research, and that is where essay typer becomes very helpful. However, if you are good at navigating through websites to get your sources, then essay typer. com will not be of much help to you. The critical factor for them is to help in saving you time from opening a million tabs to get references. So, once you choose their website, you will get enough ideas to write a substantial essay. It is so easy to use, and they do not require you to create an account.

Services Offered

The unique quality of this site is, once you open it up, you will not meet a range of different services provided, unlike most writing sites. For them it is simple; fast writing delivered promptly. Every student would like to save their pocket money here and there. Free is a word that’s sweet to the ears of every student!

The advantage of essay typer is that it does not have any charges for its services. It’s like someone offering you guidelines on how to structure quality papers at no pay. To get the essay typer free service, just go to the website, which has a pretty straight to the point homepage. Here, you will start to type your essay mainly using keywords and there you go! You will see all types of pop up suggestions which will help you structure a unique paper. One cannot be wrong to say that it is like a glorified version of Wikipedia.

Is Essay Typer Safe?

Well, the answer to this question is straightforward. If there is no creation of an account, that means having to register by your names or email address, no form of payment, then yes, it is a safe tool to use. With essay typer, you will not even seek anonymity of the site since as stated above; they do not require any personal details from you. So when it comes to safety and being legit, you can relax.

Quality of Service

The famous quote that says cheap is expensive is applicable here. It can be ironical to expect to get 100% plagiarism-free papers within minutes from a free to use online essay typer – that is just not possible. There is a clear warning on their homepage that their content is unoriginal, you need to always keep this in mind as you make use of the site. Don’t ignore this warning as much as it can be tempting to do so. Also, you have to be very picky in choosing which suggestions to use as you may find pop-ups of different topics to yours getting suggested as well.

Since it is free, there are no filters or someone to tailor the results of your search. If you do get the exact content that you are looking for, try and verify it for yourself since the tool cannot do that for you.

Customer Support for Essay Typer

Do you have pressing questions regarding your assignment? Are there some facts that you need clarification on? Do you need 24/7 customer support system? Then it will have to cost you. The tool does not have a customer service team, nor can you write emails to inquire. The most the site has offered is their account on Twitter. Using Twitter as a support system can be limited to any business because you are expected to lay out all your queries in 140 characters or less. Going through the Twitter account, it was not a surprise to find that the account is not very active, responding back to the users after long intervals.


As you have concluded by now, essay typer as a tool cannot be reliable to the grade that you will attain. It is all in your hands. If you wish to ace your assignments, then take your time and go deep on the references. If you do not have time to do that, you can always outsource the services from other professional essay writers who can custom-write your assignments for you and deliver it on time. The effectiveness of this tool is questionable since it does not have a testimonial icon on the site. Does it work? Can you recommend it or not? These are questions which you can only get answers to by trying out the service for yourself. The most that you can get from essay typer is suggestions, and it is up to you to decide on how to use it. You can as well use it if you wish to become a great writer that relies on their original content.

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