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The website is an accessible study guide for students mainly because it is free. earns their revenues from advertising. Their slogan has also contributed to student’s preference of the site. It says that if the teachers and books do not make sense to a student, the site does.

The website gives students multiple ways of studying be it online, with eReader and also with good old books. They have a variety of features:

Test prep provides content and services to students that are related to SAT, ACT, AP, PSAT and GRE standardized tests.

sparknotes com has a section for students to search for colleges. has also moved into the publication of educational material such as Flashcards, poetry classics and a series of exercises for high school teachers. Also, they provide educational books for kindergarten to grade 8 students.

The website understands the need for students to unwind once in a while and have created a social section for focusing on issues that are noneducational topics for students. The part has blogs, advice column and open threads where the members are permitted to make contributions on a particular post.

Other features on include the current events, movies reviews, facts, etc.

The mobile App makes it possible to both access a vast range of study guides available for viewing online and to be able to view them when offline.

Overview of

At some point in time, students will have to read a specific book as part of their studies. Most students will try to evade reading and if a must, they will learn a little as possible. This is where comes in. The website provides content for SAT, ACT, and AP tests. sparknotes com also offers study guides in many subjects such as literature, history, geography, history, film, health, literature, philosophy poetry, physics, biology, sociology and economics. It is interesting to note that their chapter summaries are the most popular among the students. This is because they give an outline of the story. This makes it a quick read for a student who feels that they have no time to read a book. However, it is essential for students, no matter how busy they are, to create time to read a book as reading a summary does not bring to life precisely what the author wanted to pass across.

sparknotes reviews have been both positive and negative. This is because the teachers and students have a different view when it comes to sparknotes com. Students tend to take advantage of when they forget to read a book they have as an assignment. They will just go straight to the summary and work on that. With time, students find this becoming a habit and they don’t ever read any book they get as assignments. This can make a student fail in their assigned work as sometimes, you might find a teacher asking students to point out a specific chapter or give details of a particular quote in a page.

Criticism About sparknotes com

Speculations have come up in regards to The disagreement has been between the site, teachers and the students. The teachers’ sparknotes review suggests they do not know how much encouragement they should give to the students or how little a teacher should say. Most teachers have confessed to knowing what sparknotes com entails. They see it as a cheating tool if not used correctly. They do not have a problem with it and majority agreed that it is a valuable tool. They try teaching the student to utilize sparknotes com responsibly.

However, they prefer students to use the site after reading the book. This is to make sure the students can grasp the emotional quality of the writer’s intention. The teachers are working to incorporate more books in their curriculum which cannot be found on This is to make students come up with creative ways of doing their assignment.

On the other hand, the site has come to its defense by saying they do not support academic dishonesty among the students. Instead, they want them to read their original material before checking to compare their understanding of the version with sparknotes com study.

Our Verdict on

No matter how busy a student’s lifestyle is, it is crucial to make a sacrifice and read a book. It will help the students get the most intimate chapters. They will be able to understand the roles of the characters in the book. They can get the essential details to help them write the paper echoing the sole feeling of the author. is an effective and efficient tool for students if used responsibly.

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