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With many educational websites founded by the hour in America, www enotes com has managed to build a name for its self. For those who have never heard of the site, they may ask “what are enotes?”
They are electronic notes generated by computers. No matter the enotes review that you come across, whether positive or negative, it’s still popular in the world of academics. Once you visit the page, you will be greeted by the beautiful Space Needle, an icon of Seattle, which is where the headquarters of eNotes.com is. They use a subscription model, and one has to open an enotes account to have full access to the website. It gets new subscribers during the school year with 750 signups during this season.

Services at www enotes com

For the site to receive more than 11 million visitors monthly, it means they do have a variety of services that meet most of the visitor’s needs. The service features are 4 sections namely Homework Help, Study Guides, Teachers Zone and Study Tools.

Study Tools is one of the most used features of the site because the tools found here are the ones which are the backbone of the website.

Study Tools

The tools are in 3 categories:


Did you know that some students learn best by answering questions? Teachers too love using them to gauge the level of knowledge that their students have acquired. The enotes quizzes are intended to test your knowledge across thousands of math, science, literature, history and biology topics, among many others that you may desire. They make it more fun by acknowledging the top quiz subscribers, their usernames and the points that they scored. This is a creative way to bring out the competitive edge of students.

e text

This acts as an online library for students. They offer more than 500 e texts. The works of literature available to read here are free. They have a search button, and all you have to do is enter the title of your book to find results.

Research Paper Topics

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no clue as to how to start your research paper? Also known as enotes research paper starter, this is what you will need. Here, they have studied more than 1500 challenging subjects for you. In a nutshell, they do all the groundwork for you to find it easy to write your research paper. The research starters include Summaries, overviews, bibliography, and even a conclusion. With such help, one can surely attain a better grade. After registration, you will be free to ask any question about your research.

Complaints Against enotes

From the above features, one may be forgiven to believe that the site is flawless. Unfortunately, enotes reviews balance each other out. As much as they are religious users, they are also bitter ex-users. The top complaint alleged against ww enotes com is the 48-hour free trial. Many have gone to the extent of calling the site a scam. The enotes policy states that once you subscribe for the enotes free trial, the first 48 hours are free and once you cancel the services within this time frame, you will be able to get your refund back. Majority of the clients who visited the site and withdrew their membership claim that they have never been refunded their money. But the worst of the allegations is those who canceled the subscription and still got charged for a whole year which is about $50. Apparently, the policy is not as straightforward as portrayed.

Quality of Service at enotes

www enotes com has many qualified teachers to contribute to the site. The site is easy to navigate to acquire their services. Their services receive praised as being broad and well detailed. The only issue they have is they have given much of their attention in the subjects of history and literature. Other topics aside from these are not as broad or as detailed. Some of the criticisms that they receive pertain to these areas include one user claiming that the study guides he received were shallow and incomplete.


With all the services provided at enotes, many potential clients tend to ask if the site is affordable. www enotes com is a pocket-friendly site making it possible for students to enjoy their services. Their articles are always accurate because they have in-house editing team. Enotes has gone out of their way to simplify the method of learning, making it less hectic and more enjoyable for the students. The fact that they were considerate to include teachers’ features too make us highly recommend it as an academic guide.

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