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A little aid once in a while is essential for students to be at the top of their game with their studies. It is the back to back homework assignments that have made study guides such as famous. During launching, they only had 16 Shakespeare study guides, and that was the beginning of the iconic brand.
The brand stands out having been a pioneer in the industry. It has served generations of students who adore the site deeming it as reliable. It also helps in the fact that all services offered are free because they rely on advertisements to make their revenue.

Cliffs notes is so popular that it averages 4.5 million visitors per month. They have continued to use the experience that they have to stay ahead of their competitors by advancing their site often. The website offers guides in 4 main categories:

  • High school
  • College
  • Grad School
  • Professional

Services at cliffs notes

The first thing that stands out once you visit the site is their colorful but calm webpage design. The black and yellow strips give a sense of an academic environment. Since cliffnotes offers educational assistance in all learning systems, it has developed a wide range of services for the students. The website is easy to navigate but we could not help but notice a lot of advertisement pop-ups which were irritating.

Among the services that they offer which we felt did not fit in is their entertainment section. For a student who has logged in to seek academic guidance, it is not necessary. They offer:

Literature Notes

Having problems understanding Shakespeare? Here you will find over 300 titles from the popular. From The Call of the Wind to into the wild, all you have to do is search for a detailed summary of the book.

Test Prep

What are you preparing for? They offer all test prep from ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and Praxis, all with different structures to enable you to get ready efficiently.

Study Guides

The guides will not only help you understand the essential topics for subjects, but they also have advanced subjects including, statistics, organic chemistry, accounting principles and so much more.

Student Life

This touches on all areas student. It has the entertainment feature, word of the week and book trivia.

Mobile Apps

This service is not free. For a fee of $1.99 each, you can have CliffsNotes study guide app which is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Teachers’ resources claims that some of the features that they provide can be used by the teachers to help simplify their style of teaching. But when we searched for those elements, we could not find any.

Shakespeare Central

Here, cliffnotes focused on every aspect of Shakespeare with extensive Shakespeare literature notes.

Is Subscribing to Cliffsnotes com Instead of Reading the Actual Book Cheating?

This topic has been up for debate since the coming up of online academic guides. There are many forums where it is discussed and argued, but the coin always falls on both sides. Is it helpful? Yes. Is it cheating? In some occasions, it is. We can certainly attest to the dilemma faced by both educators and parents in allowing the students to use it.

Cliffsnotes com argues that it’s not a cheating website; it’s just a helpful tool. Even as we write this cliff notes review, there is still no relevant stand on the use of study guides such as cliffs notes. Since it is not an illegal website, all we can advise the educators and parents to do is to ensure that the students use it only when necessary.

Customer Support at cliffnotes

You can follow cliffsnotes com to keep up with them on various social media platforms for their latest editions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. They also have an email address if you wish to use that channel to communicate with them.


Students will always look for shortcuts even though they will never admit it themselves. Bulk condense readings have been made short, but they have found cheeky ways to cover their tracks. The fact that cliffs notes is free does not help. Many teachers have even been forced to have copies of cliffnotes to ensure that the assignments submitted are cliffsnotes com proof.

The truth is that students can study the summaries provided to help them understand best the books they are reading to that level. When you read a book that you already know what it’s all about, it makes it easier for you to comprehend. Some parents also find it cheaper for their kids to seek these sites instead of hiring a private tutor. It’s all about using the site responsibly!

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